masdar trade & import


About us

Masdar for import and trade established in 2015 From long experience in the Egyptian, GCC and middle east market to offer everything that is new and distinctive in the world of porcelain, HDF and slates. Through the largest international factories (Europe & Asia) Which operates with the latest manufacturing technology in the world to meet our customers’ needs and expectations and to serve large projects.


Our Mission

Since we believe in the principle of sustainability and strategic partnership with our clients, we strive to bring the most reliable and high-quality products range for every application of use in residential, commercial, and public building projects for indoor and outdoor application


Our vision

To become the original leader in providing wide range of right products that meet our customers’ expectations and to put us as the first choice in their selections and keep consistency and sustainability in providing more and more…


Why us ?


    1- We Build with our clients a long-lasting partnership by providing them with excellent service that is attentive to the needs of a constantly evolving market.
    2- we believe in money value so we provide best prices along with an affordable payment scheme to enhance each customer’s right to have the best choice which match his needs.
    3- We provide training, technical support and after-sales service state that the customer will choose the best product for his use that assured of its use, we have the keen interest to offer you all your needs at the best prices.
    4- From the reality of our keen interest of principle of consistency in providing the newest trend in the industry over the world, we are committed to attend the most important and largest international fairs all over the world.
While we reach out to our customers wherever they are we strive to provide the highest level of professionalism and service quality